OMRON connect has been renewed as more convenient.

Thank you for using OMRON connect.
OMRON connect has been updated with a new design and tabs at the bottom of the screen, making it more convenient to use the existing functions.
The following is a guide to the main ways to use OMRON connect after the renewal.

Main Renewal Contents

  • (1)Changed the overall design of the application

    The colors have been unified to make it simpler and easier to read.

  • (2)Tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

    Easier access to each function.

  • (3)Contents Library added.

    "BP Diary," "Logbook," and other functions are available to suit your purpose. *Available content varies by region.

How to use the application

Q1 How to register your device
  • You can register a device by clicking the "+ button" or "+Add Device" on the device screen.

Q2 How to transfer data from the device
  • On the home screen, swipe the screen from top to bottom to transfer data.

  • You can also select the device to which you want to transfer data from the "⇄" button on the home screen.

Q3 How to check graphs and list of measurement results
  • Tap the Indicators panel from the home screen to view the graph.

  • Tap the "・・・" button on the graph screen and tap "All Recorded Data" to see the list.

Q4 How to output measurement results
  • Tap the "・・・" button on the graph screen and tap "Export measurement data" to output a csv file.

Q5 How to work with other apps and services
  • 1. tap "Add contents" on the contents screen.

  • 2. from "Linked Apps & Services", you can set up the linkage to other apps and services.

Help & Inquiries

If you have any questions about using OMORN connect, please check the help section or contact us by e-mail from the "Other tab > Contact us" in the application.

When making an inquiry, please specify the equipment model and the nature of your problem.