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This OMRON connect Privacy Statement is to inform you of how your Personal Data are being stored and handled by OMRON connect.

OMRON connect is designed as a stand-alone mobile application that has only local storage. This means that all your personal data (such as your username, address and measurement data, hereinafter jointly referred to as "Personal Data") will be stored on your mobile device only. OMRON connect does not provide back-up functionalities and/or other cloud or hosting solutions for the storage or backup of your Personal Data.

All your Personal Data stored by OMRON connect on your mobile device will be encrypted with up-to-date encryption techniques to assure that your Personal Data cannot easily be accessed and/or read by unauthorized third parties.

OMRON HEALTHCARE Co.Ltd. and/or any of its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "OMRON") shall not collect, store, maintain or process any of your Personal Data. However, in order to provide you with optimal user experience and connectivity options, OMRON connect does provide connectivity options to third party applications. Note that such sharing or transferring of your Personal Data is only available if you explicitly choose to do so. Omron, whilst offering the option to connect to third party application, shall not be responsible for the safeguarding, security and proper processing of your Personal Data by such third party applications. Any such transfer or third party processing of your Personal Data shall be governed by such third party's privacy terms policy, terms and conditions or otherwise. By opting to share with a third party application or transfer your data to such third party, you explicitly acknowledge that Omron shall not be responsible for the processing of the Personal Data by such third party and you agree that Omron excludes any and all liability for losses or damages caused by such third party's processing of your Personal Data.

The measurement data from your Omron Device that you transfer to OMRON connect will be stored securely on your mobile device. Please note that in case you delete OMRON connect from your mobile device, your measurement data will be removed.

In case you wish to delete your Personal Data from your mobile device, you should uninstall the OMRON connect app.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments and requests about this OMRON connect Privacy Statement, then please contact us through email to: or by regular mail to: Omron Healthcare Singapore Pte Ltd, 438A Alexandra Road #05-05/08, Alexandra Technopark, Singapore 119967.

LAST UPDATED : 11/03/19

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